Learning, Loving, Building, and Growing Islamically

A Little About Me

on March 14, 2013

As salamu’alaikum I am MahoganyMuslimah and I just wanted to share a little about myself, what I do and what I hope to accomplish, in sha Allah.
I am a wife of 9 3/4 years and mother to a 13 year old son. We live in the lower southeastern region of North Carolina and I am very proud to say that WE HOMESCHOOL! In sha Allah, moving is at the top of the list for plans in our future. My husband, son and myself, converted to Islam a year ago and I think we could not have made a better decision as family. I love to coupon, homeschooling, finding freebies(especially online), and frugal living. I also love gardening, more or so container gardening. I hope to share with you the ups, downs, highs, lows, and the in between, of being a Mahogany Muslimah living in the South. Dedicated, Determined, and Destined to be the best wife, mother, muslimah, and friend that I can be, in sha Allah. I can hardly wait to share my journey.

I promote individuality, honesty, support and love for any sister wanting to make their own in-print in this society. I strive for Paradise in the hereafter and I truly want for my sisters what I want for myself.


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