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Homeschooling in the 2k’s

on March 14, 2013

As salamu alaikum. I just wanted to start off by saying, for any parent that homeschools more than one child, hats off to you! While we only have been homeschooling for a few months, it feels way past a few years. We did not purchase a boxed curriculum, rather so, we chose to build his assignments from “scratch”. We purchased (and borrowed) many books, workbooks, supplements and guides. But with our son, it is either hit or miss. There are no in betweens with this child. Homeschooling now days are much different than any other times. We homeschooled for a while in 2007, shortly before moving back here. Yes, there was internet, but the number of devices that are available in today’s times are unbelievable. When we are traveling, our son accesses many educational websites via many hand held devices, ex. cell phones and tablets. I have even read that many parents “Kindle Homeschool” their children. The number of parents and guardians choosing to homeshool is also growing. I think that everyone should exercise their right of being able to decide what they think is best for their child, even though it is evident that some don’t or shouldn’t.


2 responses to “Homeschooling in the 2k’s

  1. sparkle85024 says:

    Home schooling is tough but it seems like you did everything you needed to make is a success. Congratulations.

    • Thanks a bunch. We are still a work in progress. Where we live, there are not support groups. The closest group is about an hour away. So hopefully, we will either move soon or I’m going to have to start a support group.

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