Learning, Loving, Building, and Growing Islamically

on March 30, 2013


Written by Theresa Corbin

Jihad! Yes, I said it *looks over shoulder to see if the FBI is going to pounce*.

Jihad is a source of fear and loathing the world over. It is embedded in popular culture as something crazed Muslims do in the name of their religion. But what does it really mean? Should we rely on the media to learn our religion or to learn about other’s religions? 

jihad graffiti

Nah, prolly not a good idea. Unless you like being ignorant and led down the path of bigotry. Is there a place we can go to find out the truth about such things? Is there a source? Somehow? Somewhere? Yes, and in the case of jihad it is the Quran. The source is the Quran. Not those who take Quranic verses and explain them out of context.  

Jihad does not mean to blow oneself up and kill…

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