Learning, Loving, Building, and Growing Islamically

on March 31, 2013

The Slow Foods Mama

I’m currently on a mission to cultivate my inner anal-housewife, and creating a homemaking binder has been a step in the right direction. Also, I think better when I have mindless tasks to do, so designing some pretty printables doesn’t seem like a complete waste of time.

I did a lot of poking around on other housewife-y blogs to learn about this magical and mysterious homekeeping / homemaking / family / mum binder.

I must say, I was completely unaware such things existed. Now that I am in charge of a home and family full time, I can see why.

The homemaking binder is basically Command Central for busy homemakers. (And a good way to get all of the crap that floats around on your mental to do lists down on paper.) I saw lots of examples online ranging from downright beautiful to simple workhorses.

I bought a cheapie three ring…

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