Learning, Loving, Building, and Growing Islamically

on April 4, 2013

As salamu alaikum and hello to all. Sorry that I stepped away for a moment. I am working on making this blog into a an actual dot com site. I have managed to get it up and running but I am a long way from where I feel I need to be. Any suggestions, tips, and ideas are welcome. So, don’t fret, I will never leave you hanging, in sha Allah. Also, I have been working on so much new material. I have created several notebooks-from homemaking to homeschooling. I also have some DIY ideas, for example, I just made my first No Sew Apron, foam hand soap (using Soft Soap) and more. I will submit links and photos soon, in sha Allah. In the mean time, you can check out my site,  I look forward to your comments and suggestions! 🙂


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  1. Oh how exciting! I look forward to following your new projects! X

  2. Wa’laikum Assalam,

    Just saw your site; Ma shaa ALLAH, can’t wait for you to make it look all pretty and top-notch!

    As for ideas, maybe you could do Ramadan decorations soon since time is flying really fast. Or what should every student have in their bag; how to make bracelets; how to make KitKat chocolate bars (LOOOL just kidding); recipes from where you are originally; wire ribbon headbands.

    There’s a lot of ideas on the internet about what’s popular these days. I’m actually blank right now but if I think of something I’ll tell you. I’m sure you have quite a few projects on your mind already.

    Don’t overburden yourself!

  3. Salaams sista! You have a lot of great ideas! Thanks for the suggestions. We should definitely link up and put some of these ideas into motion in sha Allah. Yeah, I’m not set on exactly what theme I should stick with just yet. I hope for you the best in all you set out and strive to do in sha Allah. 🙂

    • Wasalaams aunty! Thanks and you’re welcome heehee
      Woah that would be so fun, I’d like to help you!

      Is your blog the type for Moms? If it is you could make it soft pastel colors?
      Ameen, me too, sis

      • I’m still undecided! LOL I changed it again yhis a.m. My goal is for every woman, lady, misses, jr misses, and so on to be able to take at least one inspiring thing from this site and be able to apply it. I do not/will not post things, like the diy’s if I wouldn’t do them myself. Everyone does not have the access to luxury items (eg. sewing machine, personal rooms for crafting, etc.) I’m not saying there is any thing wrong with that! What God has allowed one to have is for them! Alhamdulilah! As for the colors of the page, ummm….pink is my favorite color and I’m am always trying to find some way to apply it. LOL

  4. Hahahahaha!! That’s a lot of ladies! I find it really cool the way that you post stuff you actually make. Some people (well a lot) just copy and paste, you get what I mean?

    I agree, that’s why we should say Alhamdulillah that homemade exists!

    ROTFL, you are hilarious, big sis, TabarakALLAH!

  5. sahlahnayyar says:

    Masha Allah ur site is gr8!!! sister.. Your blog is really cool!!!!

  6. sahlahnayyar says:

    I am really lovin ur blog..

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