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Allahu Akbar

    Today has been a great day for me! Alhamdulilah! I am somehow managing to get all of my housework done, home-school, and write without having a single drop of coffee. I really don’t know why but I am excited today. I also get to go house shopping (picking up supplies) today too! Yay!
I don’t know about anyone else but I get super excited about picking up things for the house and making sure we all have what we need (without breaking the bank). I have clipped my coupons and made a short list of things I need to pick up. The Frugal Girls ( has a great list of DIY ideas that will really stretch a buck. There is a link for Dawn dish detergent DIY foam that I plan on making today for my project. It is very simple to do.

Tools Needed:

1-empty foam soap dispenser

1/3- Dawn dish detergent (a few teaspoons)

2/3- water

You will need to put the detergent in the container first before the water. ***Do Not Shake***

    This recipe can also be used for making foam hand soap in the dispenser.

I hope you will have as much fun making yours as I will. I also have my son making the foam hand soap for his bathroom. We’ll just have to see how well this goes.

Don’t forget to leave me a comment below with any ideas or suggestions. Thanks in advance, MahoganyMuslimah


My Frizzled Fridays

    As salaam alaikum, happy Jummah. So my day starts off with me over-sleeping. I was working lat on The Night at the Museum (Battle of Smithsonian) unit study. I think it is the perfect thing! This movie brought so many characters to life and me being me, I had to make it into a project.

    I found a great blog who decided to do a Night at the Museum unit also. They even have a list of historical characters form the movies that makes for great research, such as: Attila the Hun, The Tuskegee airmen, Easter Island, and Ivan the terrible. She has great ideas and I’m sure my son will love it also. He is also super excited. I have created a list of characters that would be great to do this unit study on that tie in with the movie.

The Civil War

Teddy Roosevelt

Al Capone

Amelia Earhart



Albert Einstein

The Thinker and Kahmunah

Abe Lincoln

George Foreman (Bio)

Ben Stiller (Bio)

    I would suggest doing the unit and research before watching the movie. When your child/children knows even the basics of the historical characters, it makes watching the movies afterward very interesting and rewarding.

    I hope this post was helpful. If you have any suggestions for this or other unit studies, or if you have any questions, just drop me a comment. Thanks in advance, MahoganyMuslimah

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